Best Walton Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh 2022

Do you look for the latest Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh? If it is yes then this complete guide is made for you.

Walton is one of the most successful and popular brands in Bangladesh as well as many countries.

It is highly popular to purchase Walton Washing Machines from this brand.

The price range of this machine starts from BDT 10,500 and goes up to BDT 66,500.

This article will give you a comprehensive guide on Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh.

We cover the Walton washing machine with low price to high price and various types of capacity like 6-12.5 kg.

Top 5 best Walton washing machines:


Walton Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh below 20000 tk

Walton has some of the best cheap washing machines. These are would be 10,000-20,000 tk.

Walton washing machine SK65S price

This is the best washing machine in Bangladesh in terms of the best price.

It has many features like an efficient pulsator, High spinning speed, Tempered glass cover, and many more.

Capacity: 6.5 KG

Price: 14,000 TK

Walton washing machine SAT90C price

Another outstanding washing machine at the best price is WWM-SAT90C.

This could be ideal for a small family.

It also provides some features that may not possible with this price in Bangladesh.  

Capacity: 9 KG

Price: 18,850 TK

Walton Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh below 40000 tk

Many people like this 40,000 budget range for washing machines.

There are tons of outstanding Walton washing from 30,000 to 40,000 tk.

Walton washing machine q60 price

Walton washing machine q60 price is a very good washer.

It has many features that are rare and found in other Walton washing machines.

It is a high-quality product that will last for years and can be used by families of all sizes.

Capacity: 6 KG

Price: 29,950 TK

Walton washing machine q80 price

WWM-q80 is like an updated version of WWM-q60.

This is a beautiful and unique Walton washing machine.

The features that are included are advanced 3D motion, an automatic IMD control panel, Error message indication, an alarm system many more.

Capacity: 8 KG

Price: 34,650 TK

Walton washing machine AFM70 Price

WWM-AFM70 is a top-notch Walton washing machine that is best for your family.

This is the highest rating among the Walton washing machine.

So, I would like to highly suggest this washing machine to buy this one.

Capacity: 7 KG

Price: 38,990 TK

Walton washing machine price list:

Walton washing machine 6 kg Price:

WWM-AFM6034,250 tk
WWM-TTP6022,250 tk
WWM-Q6029,990 tk

Walton washing machine 7 kg Price:

WWM-ATG7030,250 tk
WWM-ATV7030,990 tk
WWM-AFM7038,990 tk
WWM-Q7032,350 tk
 WWM-TTM7025,990 tk

Walton washing machine 8 kg Price:

WWM-AFT80W49,990 tk
WWM-Q8034,650 tk
WWM-ATG8033,150 tk
WWM-TWI8038,550 tk
WWM-TSM8029,550 tk

Walton washing machine 9 kg Price:

WWM-AFT90W55,950 tk
 WWM-AFC90W66,950 tk
WWM-AFM9052,950 tk
 WWM-ATG9034,950 tk
WWM-ATV9035,990 tk
WWM-TWG90PN17,990 tk

Walton washing machine 15 kg Price:

TQM-15049,950 tk

Walton Auto Front-Loading washing machine Price:

WWM-AFM7038,990 tk
WWM-SAT90C18,850 tk
 WWM-S60F29,500 tk

Walton Auto Top-Loading washing machine Price:

 WWM-Q8034,650 tk
 WWM-TTM7025,950 tk

*Note: This price was given from These are might be changed at any time.

Last Words:

You can buy these washing machines from the Walton showroom or their website.

There is a tip for you sometime Walton washing machine offers running when was EID or new year.

This is the best time to buy. Walton washing machine price in Bangladesh 2022 all list are given above the blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the price of the 7 kg Walton washing machine?

Walton 7 kg washing machines prices are given below:

Washing machine Name Price
WWM-ATG7030,250 TK
WWM-TTM7025,950 TK
WWM-Q7032,350 TK

Which Walton washing machine is best at a low price?

If you are looking for a Walton and low-price washing machine then it should be WWM-SAT90C. The price of this washing machine is 18,850. You can buy it from any Walton showroom in Bangladesh.

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