( 23 tk for 2 Hours) Robi unlimited internet package 2022

If you are trying to get robi unlimited Internet packages or offers then you came the right place. Here you will see how you can use robi new unlimited internet pack.

Recently Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) declared that every sim company have to launce unlimited internet. Therefore, Robi published their first ever Internet unlimited packages.

There are two type of unlimited Internet packages available. Those are-

  • Unlimited validity with fixed date
  • Unlimited data with fixed validity

Robi Unlimited validity internet pack introduced with us few month ago but now they become with Unlimited Internet.

Robi unlimited validity internet package 2022

For the very first time Bangladeshi people are enjoying unlimited validity internet packages in 2022. Every Sim company announced their internet packages. After seeing the unlimited internet packages, it seems like too much expensive.

So, Here are the Robi unlimited validity internet package 2022 list –

#Robi unlimited validity 1

Internet Volume: 50 GB
Price: 1444 taka
Validity: Unlimited
Code: *1231444#

#Robi unlimited validity 2

Internet Volume: 20 GB
Price: 777 taka
Validity: Unlimited
Code: *123*0777#

#Robi unlimited validity 3

Internet Volume: 10 GB
Price: 444 taka
Validity: Unlimited
Code: *123*0444#

What kind of people should use Robi unlimited validity internet?

If you have broadband internet then you do not need internet. But when you are go outside of your home or office then you may need little bit internet. These internet packages has unlimited validity so, you do not have to worry for validity. Also many of your parents have smartphone but they do not use much. It can be super effective for your mom, dead or whoever you want.

Robi unlimited internet package 2022

Robi recently added un-interrupted Internet pack for the first time. The packages are good. As well as Much higher Internet Speed. So far they become with only two packages. Both are available with recharge and ussd code. The bad thing is both pack has some limit, You can see them in their Unlimited/Uninterrupted Internet Terms & Conditions.

#Robi unlimited internet 1

Internet Volume: Unlimited
Price: 23 taka
Validity: 2 Hours
Code:  *123*23#


#Robi unlimited internet 2

Internet Volume: Unlimited
Price: 34 taka
Validity: 3 Hours
Code: *123*34#

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How to get Robi unlimited internet with MyRobi App?

Step: 1

Open MyRobi App.

Step 2:

Then, Click on Internet Packs.


Step 3:

Here you can see unlimited Internet packs. Tab on which you want.


Finally Warning:

If you use Internet 9 am to 1 pm, your un-interrupted data will be 4 GB Limit.

Also If you use 1 am to 6 am ,  your un-interrupted data will be 10 GB Limit.



What kind of people should use Robi unlimited internet?

If you want to use heavy downloads then these packs will be suitable for you. Just because validity is too short so you should have to use data as much as possible. 

Currently, almost all SIM companies are offering unlimited internet. But Robi is among them. Robi’s internet speed is much better than others. When you buy internet for a short time, you definitely need a good speed internet. 

So you can see Robi unlimited internet if you want. Here are Robi’s unlimited internet package validity and codes. By using this you will get Robi unlimited internet pack 2022 very easily.

The easiest way to buy Robi unlimited internet is to use the My Robi app. How to buy Robi Unlimited Internet using My Robi app is also given above. If you want, you can easily take Robi Unlimited Internet for you.

So, Robi unlimited internet package in 2022 can be the best internet in Bangladesh so far.


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