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Bangladesh is one of the world’s remittance-earning countries. A large amount of Remittance from Bangladesh comes from foreign countries every year. If we talk about Remittance in Bangladesh in 2022, we must speak about Middle East countries. Bangladesh receives a large number of remittances from Middle Eastern countries every year. Some major countries are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

What is remittance?

If money earned in another country is sent to that country, that money is considered as remittance. Foreign remittances play a huge role in a country’s economy.

Workers sending remittances to Bangladesh are considered remittance fighters. However, many times they do not get the respect they deserve. The growth rate of remittances was very high at the beginning of the year, but the growth rate of remittances has declined slightly over the last four-five months, although it has now picked up again. Last July, remittances came in at over $2 billion. The remittance growth rate was around 12 percent. This means that the income of expatriates has increased. The amount of which is about two hundred and one crore taka.

What is the position of Bangladesh in getting remittance in 2022?

To know the position of Bangladesh among remittance income countries, you can see below.

According to World Bank data, the list of top countries in remittance income in early 2022 is given below:

1. India$89 billion
2. Mexico$54 billion
3. China$53 billion
4. Philippines$37 billion
5. Egypt$32 billion
6. Pakistan$30 billion
7. Bangladesh$24 billion
8. Nigeria$20 billion
9. Ukraine$18 billion
10.Vietnam$17 billion
Source- World Bank

It is easy to understand from the list that Bangladesh remittance ranking seventh among remittance getting countries in 2022.

Which district is most remittance in Bangladesh?

Out of all the divisions of Bangladesh, Chittagong Division has the highest number of people living abroad. They are primarily found in Middle Eastern countries. They work as various workers there. Comilla is the district where most remittances come in Bangladesh. District-wise remittance in Bangladesh has lots of other districts. Such as – NoaKhali, Feni, and Chottogram. Most of the people from this Comilla migrate to work abroad. A 2020 estimate suggests that about 619,140 people have migrated abroad from Comilla.

10 countries that receive the most remittances in Bangladesh

During 2020-21, the diaspora kept the country stable through remittances of foreign currency when the pandemic caused instability.

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. United States
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Malaysia
  5. UK
  6. Kuwait
  7. Oman
  8. Qatar
  9. Italy
  10. Singapore




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