Online nid correction bd 2022 Process  (আইডি কার্ড সংশোধন)

Nowadays, many people suffer problems with their national id cards with wrong information. So, everyone wants to know how can I fix my nid card information in Bangladesh. Here you will see the online nid correction bd 2022 step-by-step process.

From now on you don’t need to go to anyone else for NID card correction. 

If you want, you can easily correct your NID card on your home computer or mobile phone. NID card correction process is very easy.

There are many of us who have different types of information wrong on the national ID card.

Hence, nid card errors can be rectified using a very simple online process.

In this article, you will see how to correct a NID card online.

What documents are needed for nid correction?

If you want online nid correction bd then you need some documents. All the required documents should be ready in pdf format. What is the exact need for which change?

What documents are needed for your nid name correction?

  • SSC/Equivalent Certificate (Attested)
  • National Identity Card of wife/husband in case of marriage (Attested)

What documents are needed for your nid father/mother/husband name correction?

  • S.SC/Equivalent Certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport (if available)

What documents are needed for your nid other correction?

There is a need for some documents if you want to change nid any other documents. Most of these are:

  • JSC/SSC/HSC certificate or any other educational certificate
  • Electricity Bill paper or Water bill paper
  • Father or Mothers nid card 
  • Passport (If available)

How to pay nid correction fee

You can easily submit the fee required to correct your NID card online by using Bkash Rocket DBBL on your mobile phone.

How to pay nid correction fee by bkash

  1. First, you need to log in to your Bkash app
  2. Then Click on Pay bill
  3. Now click on NID service
  4. Here click on NID info correction
  5. Then write your NID number
  6. Now pay the bill

How to pay nid correction fee by rocket

  1. First, log in to your Rocket app
  2. Then click on pay bill
  3. Now write 1000 in the bill no you will see the election commission
  4. Here write your nid no and bill type which should be 1
  5. Then pay the bill

NID Card Correction Online Application Fees

To correct nid card name spelling correction230 tk
To correct nid card age correction230 tk
Others nid card info correction230 tk

*Note: If you trying to correct your nid card the first time you need to pay 230 tk, the second time 345 tk, and the third time 500 tk.

How to nid card correction online: Step-by-step guide

As I mentioned before, online nid correction bd is a very simple process if you are ready with all your documents.

I hope you now know what document should you need to nid a correction.

You have to follow 5 steps to online nid correction bd. These are given below:

Step 1: Registration on

This is the Bangladesh nid application system. Whatever you want to do with your nid card first you need to complete registration here. After going to just click on the register button.

Here, You need to write your nid number or form Number and Birth date. After everything fill-up correctly clicks on submit button. After that, you have to enter your permanent address and temporary address. Then you need to enter a valid phone number and set up a password. Registration is completed here but if you have already done with registration before you just log in.

Step 2: Phone verification

Here you must need a verification process for the next step. First, you need to install the NID wallet app from the play store. If you open the app you will find a QR scanner. Now, Just scan the QR code. After completing QR scanning you will automatically redirect to the next step.

Step 3: Online NID info correction:

Here you will see this kind of thing. Since you need to nid correction bd just click on the profile option.

Here you will find all of your nid card information. Now check all the info and change what you need to do.

Step 4: online nid card bd fee payment

Now you have to nid card bd fee payment through Bkash or Rocket. How do nid correction fees with these apps? I already write here.

Step 5: Upload documents

Upload the Document that you have ready. If you are a student then you may add your education certificate (JSC/SSC/HSC). And if you are not a student you can upload your birth certificate but also can add your passport. This is the fastest way to online nid correction bd process. Do not forget to make your documents in pdf format. Click here to make your document into a pdf.

How long does it take to fix a NID card?

It is difficult to know how exactly days need for online nid correction bd. As far eservicesbd online nid correction may need 15-20 days. But sometimes it could be 30 days.

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