6 Best Insurance Companies in Bangladesh With Details

There are lots of insurance companies in Bangladesh that have been working with reputation. We will explore some of the best insurance companies in Bangladesh.

Since Bangladesh’s independence, many new insurance companies have been created. There are currently many insurance companies in Bangladesh, but very few people are interested in insurance compared with the population of Bangladesh.

The main reason is the absence of good quality insurance firms.

Although there are several good quality insurance companies in Bangladesh, many times some unscrupulous people cheat in the name of fake insurance. That is why many people do not interested in these insurance.


As a smart person you need to have good quality insurance. But that is rarely seen in Bangladesh. While there are many types of insurance, popular insurance groups are health insurance and life insurance, education insurance.


Nowadays insurance companies are more aware than before and are adding new rules and regulations. Let me show you the seven best insurance companies in Bangladesh that will help you protect your life.

How many insurance companies are there in Bangladesh?

List of 6 best Insurance companies in Bangladesh:
  1. Delta Life Insurance Co Limited
  2. MetLife Bangladesh
  3. Jiban Bima Corporation
  4. Popular Life Insurance Company Limited
  5. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited
  6. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited

The insurance companies shown above are some of the best and most trusted insurance companies in Bangladesh. You may take any type of insurance in complete safety. Below are details about them. We will provide coverage for the types of insurance.


Delta Life Insurance Co Limited

Delta Life Insurance is a wonderful combination of trust and responsibility. From its inception in 1986 until the present day, it has ensured a bright and secure future for people. Where people are there is enormous potential and huge demand for a bright future. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited is on the way to future prosperity and probably best insurance company in Bangladesh. So far, Delta Life has been instrumental in ensuring the future security of more than 1 lakh families.

Delta Life Insurance Co Limited Products:

  • Ordinary Life Insurance
  • Gono Grameen Bima
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Overseas Mediclaim Polic

Contact Details:

Telephone: +88 02 5505 1019
E-mail: mdsecretariat@deltalife.org


MetLife Bangladesh 

MetLife is the most successful and best insurance company in Bangladesh. This is one of the oldest insurance companies built to help the people of Bangladesh. Since 1952, The company still enjoys a good reputation. If you need insurance, then I have to recommend that one. The main good thing about them is that they have a good environment that is very helpful to you. MetLife settled life insurance claims worth Tk 1,792 Cr in 2021.

Met Life Bangladesh Products:

  • Education Protection Plan (EPP) Plus
  • Savings & Investment Plans
  • Health Insurance Protection
  • Retirement
  • Takaful insurance
  • Group Insurance

Contact Details:

Hotline: 16130

Jiban Bima Corporation

This is a government-owned insurance company. So People can easily trust them. Their main motive is the affordable price of insurance, creating capital for the economic development of the country, To introduce the below mentioned scheme for persons in all professions.

Jiban Bima Corporation Products:

  • Whole life insurance
  • Insurance on policy premium basis
  • Child Protection Insurance
  • Cost-based insurance for children’s policies
  • Insurance based on the assumed value of the policy
  • Pension Scheme Insurance
    One-time premium insurance
  • mortgage protection insurance
  • Term Group Insurance
  • Basic Payout Group Insurance of the policy
  • Group insurance based on variable policy premiums
  • Group Pension Insurance
  • rural insurance
  • Joint life insurance
  • Premium paying insurance at incremental rates

Contact Details:

Phone: 9551414

Email: info@jbc.gov.bd

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited

This is another best insurance company that exists in Bangladesh. They have tons of insurance type. So far,They worked very well in the Bangladeshi insurance company sector. Since It is start they change much of life. They have two types of insurance, one is Micro (Al-Amin Bima, Janapriya Bima, Islami DPS, Al-Barakah Islami DPS ) and another one Individual (Ekok Bima, Islami Bima Takaful, IDPS Ekok Bima etc.).

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited Products:

  • Hajj Bima Plan
  • Assurance cum Pension and Medical Benefit plan
  • Child-Protection-Assurance-Plan
  • Double Payment Single Premium Policy
  • Education Expense Assurance Plan
  • Child-Scholarship-Assurance-Plan
  • Endowment Assurance Plan
  • Five-Payment-Endowment-Assurance-Plan
  • Mohorana-Bima-Plan

Contact details:

Hotline : 02-223357534-38

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited

Megna Life Insurance is best private insurance company in Bangladesh. They Introduced lot of new Insurance scheme. They are doing a great job in terms of Insurance policy.  Megna Life Insurance Has 47 branches across the country. 

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited Products:

  • Ekok Bima
  • Islami Bima
  • Loko Bima
  • Probashi Bima
  • Group Insurance
  • Hospitalization Insurance
  • Child Protection
  • Insurance Cum Pension
  • Education Plan
  • Hajj Plan

Contact details:

Hotline: 09613-440 440

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited

Capital Market listed another best Bangladeshi insurance company is Fareast Islami Life Insurance. They have many types of scheme. They are secured peoples life with those schemes and continuously doing a great Job.  According to them,  From January to August 2022 127554 subscribers 755 crores 30 lakhs insurance claims paid.

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited Products:

  • Term insurance
  • Pension insurance
  • Hajj Insurance
  • Four installment insurance
  • Debenture insurance
  • Three installment insurance
  • One installment insurance
  • Child Safety Insurance
  • Fareast Deposit Pension Scheme
  • Islamic Money Back Insurance
  • Child Education and Marriage Term Insurance
  • Term Insurance (Short Term)
  • Monthly savings insurance plan

Contact details:

Hotline: 16681


Best insurance companies in Bangladesh is listed above. Almost every insurance company in A+ Category. So, If you are searching for a new insurance, then definitely try one of them.



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